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About Xi'an, China

Xi’an was the capital city of China for 13 dynasties, including the influential Western Zhou, Qin, Western Han, Sui, and Tang dynasties. We all know Xi’an as a bustling, modern metropolis it is today, but did you know that the city, then known as Chang’an, was also the starting point of the glorious Silk Road and the place where Islam spread in China?


What began as an expedition to acquire warhorses under the rule of Emperor Wu Di during the Western Han dynasty became establishment of a series of trade routes connect China to the Roman Empire and Britain, through the Middle East. The major commodities were silk from China and spices from the Middle East. However, the Middle Eastern traders, who travelled through the desert and arriving in style on the backs of camels, did not just bring in spices. The also took the opportunity to proliferate their belief – Islam – to the Chinese, or the Han people. The was the beginning of the long history of Islam in China.


As a place where Islam started to spread in China, Xi’an is naturally one of cities with the largest Muslim population in China today.


Located in the Muslim Quarters (or Hui Min Jie) is Great Mosque of Xi’an, built in 742 AD. It is thought to be the oldest and the largest mosque in China. Proud of their Islamic heritage and their country's traditions, the Muslims of Xi'an have merged their own ancient Chinese culture with Islam, resultantly, the legendary mosque retained the Chinese architectural philosophy. Being faithful to the central tenets of their religion, Arabic inscriptions can be clearly seen around the mosque. 

About Xi’an Greenland Pico International Conference & Exhibition Center

GPCEC is strategically located in the Xian Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, the city's modern central business district (CBD) and international gateway for Xian and Shaanxi Province. With two nearby international 4- and 5-star hotels, and within 20 minutes of the Bell Tower in the old city centre, GPCEC is now a key infrastructural landmark in the new CBD.