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About Xi'an International Halal Expo (XIHE)

The number of Muslims is expected to grow to be a quarter of the world population by 2030, with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce expecting the market for halal food to be worth US$1.6 trillion by 2018. Xi’an is the largest economy of the Shaanxi province, with GDP of RMB 488.41 billion in 2013, up 11.1% year on year, and accounting for approximately 30.4% of the province’s total. China expects the GDP of Xi’an to reach RMB 900 billion in 2020.
Under its “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) initiative that aims to recreate the Silk Road land and maritime trade routes, China has sought opportunities for halal trade with Muslim and Arab countries through bilateral trade agreements.
Within China, Xi’an is connected to other Muslims in Xinjiang, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Liaoning etc. The OBOR stretches from Xi’an in central China through the Muslimmajority Middle East and ultimately reach as far as Moscow, Rotterdam, and Venice. In its largest definition, OBOR would include 65 countries, 4.4 billion people and about 40 percent of global GDP. China is investing $40 billion in the New Silk Road Fund to promote private investment along OBOR.

Event details

Xi'an Greenland Pico International Conference & Exhibition Center
26 - 28 October 2017

Exhibition Projection

5,000 square metres 
No. of Exhibitors:
More than 120 exhibitors from 10 countries 
No. of Visitors:
8,000 trade & public visitors


Admission is free for all. Online pre-registration or on-site registration is required.

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